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Google Prohibits Bail Bond Ads

On May 7th Google announced a new policy to prohibit ads that promote bail bond services. Like payday loans, bail bonds companies can keep low income people in debt for months or even years. I worked in the payday loan space prior to starting my own digital marketing agency in 2016 and truly believe that these loans help people in need, but I do agree that too many people and companies (including Google) are getting rich off of someone else’s misfortune. This seems to be the case with bail bonds services which beginning July 2018 will be banned from Adwords and other Google platforms.

According to Gina Clayton, executive director of the Essie Justice Group, “This is the largest step any corporation has taken on behalf of the millions of women who have loved ones in jails across this country. Google’s new policy is a call to action for all those in the private sector who profit off of mass incarceration. It is time to say ‘no more'”.

I’ve been using the Adwords platform since 2010 to successfully promote various businesses both locally and internationally. I’ve seen very few products and services banned from advertising on Google during this time. Flashing Viagra ads, Fake News ads and Cryptocurrency advertising ads have all recently been banned by the search engine.

Google joined the Coalition for Better Ads last year and I suspect there will be many more bans in the coming months. I strongly recommend diversifying your ad spend if you utilize their paid media platforms. In fact, you should NEVER put all of your marketing dollars into any one platform.

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